The Unknown

How good do you feel about your future?

GOAL is a learning experiment. Our action research has shown us that, although the future is unknown, we can understand the changes around us and how they affect the dynamic stability of our relationships with our partners. It is on this basis that we can identify stepping stones towards a resilient future. There is no clear path ahead – what is important is for a socio-ecological system to have the capacity and agility to cope with changes in its environment and to thrive and renew itself.

What motivates your people?

Understanding human beings implies understanding how their daily actions and behaviour are affected by their values and beliefs about the duties and responsibilities of their job, and by the adequacy of their knowledge, capabilities and skills. More importantly: how do they relate to others in a complex system? How effective are their communication and relational skills? How do they learn from others? To deeply comprehend the driving forces of action and interaction, GOAL has developed a methodology to enable its complexity facilitators to design a path towards dynamic stability and the resilience of the socio-ecological system. Of course, we also have to learn from our experience and review our complexity facilitation process given the constant changes in our own work environment!

The unknown of complexity and facilitation

“Panta Rhei – You cannot step into the same river twice” – stated Heraclitus a Greek philosopher in 325 BC. We believe that there can never be a standard recipe either for a complexity facilitation process, nor for the conduct of standard facilitation, training or moderation. Every session is unique because the participants and their ecosystem are in themselves unique. GOAL’s action research builds on current research, on its own learning experiments as well as on its experience over the past 2 decades on planet Earth. This has made it possible for GOAL to select different options and to link them together in order to create something that is both new and different.

What happens next?

You can move towards this and you will still need to be sufficiently agile to be able to ride the waves of change. GOAL aims to ensure that by this time you will have full ownership of the capabilities required to ride these waves into the future by yourselves. You should not require our support any more!