The Possible

How are you successful? 

GOAL Network is concerned with capacity building for social groups. Capacity building opens new spaces for creation, innovation and exploration. The ownership of this new capacity enables you to carry out further transformative process. Given the insufficiencies of today’s linear and deterministic development processes, how aware are you of all positive and negative influences/impacts on your achievements? The answer lies in how you perceive complex adaptive systems and the psychology of learning and change.

Space to Shape, Create, Innovate

How can we keep on being pioneers in a rapidly changing world?
Your team needs an environment in which you can think differently and go beyond given structures. Working with GOAL Network fosters the emergence of an open mind space.

Capacity to Collaborate 

How can we keep on being pioneers in a rapidly changing world?
In a complex system – like an organization – people are learning from each other from their daily interactions – consciously and unconsciously. GOAL’s complexity facilitation allows like minded people to explore the possible and impossible.

Freedom to Commit or Not to Commit

How often are we 100% committed? 
People have many “ifs and buts” about committing themselves to something. In an open mind space created with GOAL, people have the choice to commit or not to commit.

Freedom to Fail

How can it be good to fail? For you and your team?  

Failure is personal. It affects your sense of self, questions your beliefs, knowledge and skills. GOAL enables you and your team to learn from failure and to build on that learning.

Complexity Facilitation

How do we work?
This is the process through which GOAL designs its support to complex systems in their endeavour to seek or maintain its socio-ecological resilience and dynamic stability. Complexity facilitators explore the interactions of stakeholders – be they human and non-human actors – in order to understand the dynamics of the systems’ evolution. Given the prevailing value systems, GOAL explores how complexity facilitators can design a strategy to “nudge” the systems towards new dynamic stability and socio-ecological resilience.