Publications & Working Papers

Informal Dialogues

Over time, GOAL held a series of “Informal Dialogues” to broaden its knowledge and acquire a better understanding of some key issues :

  • How do values (and beliefs about those values) affect how people think, learn and use that learning?
  • How do values systems change through time as people learn from changes in their surroundings?
  • How can the creation of a collective mind-space allow for the emergence of joint creativity, innovation and leadership?
  • What drives banking and finance decisions?
  • What value systems drive fundamentalist movements?
  • What values have given rise to the disconnectedness of people from governments, corporate organisations and other institutions?
  • What drives leaders of transformational change?
  • How does communication become meaningful for people?
  • What is the impact of informal networks / social media?
  • What is the impact of natural disasters, climate change, conflicts and war, mass migration etc. on the human development process?

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