GOAL is a think tank and a change lab for transformative change. Its mission is to build the capacity of human beings to contribute to resilient and sustainable development.

GOAL is a non-profit organisation that builds on the voluntary engagement of its members.

We concentrate on situation analyses designed to enable individuals, communities and organisations to:

understand the complexity in which they live, and
develop their own capacity to act upon it.

To ensure their full ownership of change processes, we focus on:

the psychology of learning,
data science,
participatory consulting,
complexity facilitation.

Upon request and in support of capacity building, we design participatory:

3 to 6-hour advisory sessions, and
specific training / learning programmes

Explore the possible

How are you successful?

GOAL Network has a key to the answer. It is concerned with capacity building for social groups designed to enable them to evolve towards dynamic stability with their environment and socio-ecological resilience. Capacity building opens new spaces for creation, innovation and exploration. The ownership of this new capacity enables you in future to carry out any further transformative process. Given the insufficiencies of today’s linear and deterministic development processes, how aware are you of all positive and negative influences/impacts on your achievements? How do you relate to your organizational system? The answer lies in how you perceive complex adaptive systems and the psychology of learning and change.

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Explore the Unknown

How good do you feel about your future?

GOAL is a learning experiment. Our action research has shown us that, although the future is unknown, we can understand the changes around us and how they affect the dynamic stability of our relationships with our partners. It is on this basis that we can identify stepping stones towards a resilient future. There is no clear path ahead - what is important for a socio-ecological system to have the capacity and agility to cope with changes in its environment and to thrive and renew itself.

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Together with our network and partners we engage in action research into complex systems and the psychology of learning and change. This supports the responses we provide to our clients. The GOAL Network is a living example of the interactions and co-learning that take place in complex systems. This enables us to view topics from new perspectives and to widen the range of topics we work in.

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