Our People


This is our team. Together with our network and partners we engage in action research into complex systems and the psychology of learning and change. This supports the responses we provide to our clients. The GOAL Network is a living example of the interactions and co-learning that take place in complex systems. This enables us to view topics from new perspectives and to widen the range of topics we work in.

Alexandre (Rico) de Faria

Managing Director
Facilitator, Coach, Trainer; External lecturer at CDR/BOKU University in Vienna on the co-evolution of complex adaptive systems in international development. Former Chief, Project Appraisal / Quality Assurance, UNIDO. Specialization: quality of management of international development, LFA/PCM, systemic alignment -SAM, organisational development, leadership communication and relational skills, Integral Theory, Spiral Dynamics Integral, Theory U, Bohmian Dialogue, NLP.

Maximilian Manderscheid

Co-Director / Research and Consultancy
Currently taking part in a research project and doing his PhD in urban agriculture and the participatory development of scenario methods. Studied Water Management & International Organic Farming at Wageningen University and Research (WUR) and the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), Vienna. Worked for Heitger Consulting a systemic consultancy dealing with the issues of sustainability in organizations (CSR) and in research projects and international development in Nepal, India, Ethiopia and Somaliland including systems thinking, participation, participatory modeling.

Patrick Smytzek

Co-Director / Research and Facilitation
Currently as an International Cooperation Trainee for the GIZ and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development in Mauritania and an advisor to GOAL. Research experience in Southeast Asia and East-Africa. Work experience with global programmes and organisational development processes.  Areas of expertise: Climate change adaptation, natural resource management, participatory action research and complexity facilitation. Professional interests: transformational processes, integration of complexity thinking into project management and adaptation monitoring.

Zsuzsanna Gaspar

M.Sc. in Computer Science, IT Architect, she is also specialized in the application of the Integral Theory to human and organizational development such as in the study carried out by GOAL on the social integration of a Roma community.


Maximilian Muhr

Max holds an MSc in Global Sustainability Science from Leuphana University Lüneburg and Arizona State University. He has research and teaching experience in the US, Germany, and Austria and worked in Central America for an extended time period. Expertise in environmental education, curriculum development, and inter- and transdisciplinary collaboration. Interests include development cooperation, human-nature-relations, systems thinking, complexity theory, and philosophy of science. Joined GOAL due to shared beliefs in action-oriented research and a holistic approach to facilitating change.

Reinhard Rebernig

Consultant with over 5 years experience in public policy and administration at national and European levels in climate change adaptation, agriculture and auditing. “Teach for Austria Fellow” 2014-2016: Curricula development and teaching in secondary schools. Research for development in Ethiopia, Malaysia and Indonesia. Currently finishing his MSc thesis on Household Livelihood Resilience Assessment of Smallholder Farmers in Java. Reinhard joined GOAL because he is passionate about systems thinking and human development.

Wolfgang Gager

Wolfgang is an interdisciplinary artist with specialization in intuitive and hybrid processes.
He graduated from the University of Applied Arts Vienna and works in the fields of digital art, painting, writing, music and (improvisational) theatre.
Furthermore, he is also GOAL’s game development expert regarding complexity facilitation based on SAM, Spiral Dynamics and Integral Theory.

Matthias Stahlhofer

Environmental scientist with strong emphasis on soil sciences, remediation and landuse. Currently finishing his Master Thesis about physical soil fertility of agricultural soils in the Galápagos archipelago. Passionate about transdisciplinary approaches in science, environmental consultation and participatory development cooperation. Joined GOAL because he wants to learn more about systemic thinking and how to apply complexity facilitation in tangible projects within the environmental sector.


Thiago Borges David

Thiago David is Architect and Urban Planner and holds a MSc in International Material Flow Management. During his masters, he developed his expertise working in projects related to Smart Cities in the UK, Renewable Energy in Fiji, Electric mobility in Germany and Waste Management in Brazil. His architectural background includes urban mapping and analyses and architectural/urban projects in informal settlements in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. He was a member of the Federal Project Rondon, addressing urban qualities in socio-economically disadvantaged communities in Brazil. Also, he was a member of the research group Cirurgia de Casas at the Federal University of Minas Gerais investigating methodologies and strategies to develop architectural urban projects in poverty sites. He believes that urbanism is a strong tool for the social inclusion of the population from informal settlements and encourages the necessary policy changes and stakeholder partnerships for sustainable urban development. He currently works as a consultant in the fields of Sustainable Urban Development, Sustainable Architecture, Renewable Energy, BPA (Building Analysis Performance) and Energy Efficiency.

Peter Reischl

At the moment i could offer: Experience in developing and prototyping interventions to create change and development in various contexts. On the one hand i´m working with companies (Individuals, teams and large groups – www.elop.at ) and on the other hand i´m focusing on interventions in a wider public context; brain power for the development of new approaches in different fields I´m interested in: Working in a new context; Creating together to discover new approaches and widen my horizon; Developing a theory, prototype it and quickly jump into the field to make first practical experiences; getting to know the GOAL members i haven´t met so far!

Eoin Gahan

Consultant in international trade and investment policy. From 2013 to 2015 Senior Fellow in the Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government in the Harvard Kennedy School. Long experience in enterprise policy, European integration, and implications of new technologies for economic activity. Has led work at national level in Ireland on socio-economic scenarios, long-term energy strategy, and Next Generation Networks. From 2002-2004, co-founder and director of an international consultancy in regulatory reform, carrying out assignments for the World Bank, OECD, UNIDO and others bodies. In Ireland directed the research of the National Competitiveness Council and instituted the Annual Competitiveness Reports, as well as leading preparations for the business sector in the changeover to the euro. Until 1995, senior official at UNIDO dealing with long- term development objectives, regional and national strategies for industrialisation, technology analysis, and economic forecasting, and was also Coordinator of the United Nations Industrial Development Decade for Africa.

Dominik Chadid

I am closest to being a RESEARCHER in the field of policy advice. My current internship at GIZ deals with policy support for climate change adaptation, both to the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and to partner developing countries. Options for future occupations include research and policy advice at an institute, consultancy or NGO. My current specialisation is in EARTH SYSTEM GOVERNANCE with a particular focus on the global climate regime. I am interested in learning about, inter alia, innovative management and organisational practices as well as digitisation and in skills related to communication (language/jargon, rhetoric) and the application of ICT in resource management. What I can offer is, broadly speaking, a certain ability for careful examination and understanding. This is related to skills in critical and analytical thinking as well as the ability to identify linkages in complex, interconnected systems. I can share knowledge on said linkages in the food-water-climate-energy nexus and on the processes of the UNFCCC (negotiations, instruments, principles, etc.).

Milena Klimek

Milena Klimek is a doctoral candidate at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, in Vienna, Austria.  Prior to entering academia she implemented edible landscapes that she designed for a small landscaping company, worked in the field on various natural resource projects and for various environmental organisations. Originally from Minnesota she enjoys projects that intersect practice and theory where she can draw upon her various experiences.  She is currently involved in project work concerning higher education curriculum development and sustainable agriculture, and looks forward to honing her skills in project proposal writing and implementation.  

Ernst Esztl

Electrical engineer, specialising in occupational safety and health, organisational and human development, psychotherapy, NLP trainer. 

Jolanda Buter 

Jolanda is a senior consultant, trainer at MDF in Ede, the Netherlands. Her area of expertise is in organisational strengthening through training and facilitation, monitoring and evaluation of community based development at project, programme and institutional level. She combines her passion for international development co-operation with her enthusiasm for training and advisory work. Jolanda works in English, Dutch, French and Portuguese. 

Teresa Salazar de Buckle

Former Deputy Managing Director, GOAL Teresa is former Head, Integrated Programmes, UNIDO. Specialist in systems analysis applied to a variety of areas such as: project design and impact assessment, integrated development of human resources for industry, and typology work on women participation in industry, among others. Ms. Salazar has been involved in the evaluation of many Erste Foundation-funded projects in Eastern Europe in connection with its “Social Integration Award.

Ulrich Geuther 

GEUTHER-COACHING focuses on the human and on the organizational side of innovation. One of our key questions is the following: How can you create in your company a culture of innovation in which the constant strive for seeing and doing things in a different way is balanced with sophisticated routines, procedures and processes? Based in Lisbon, Portugal, Ulrich studied psychology and philosophy at the University of Trier, Germany. He works in English, Portuguese and German.

Elfriede Konas

MA in Psychology, Philosophy, Pedagogics and Mathematics, specialized in: Application of Integral Theory to Development; Organizational and Human Resource Development; Executive Coaching, Mediation and Conflict Management; EFQM (Quality Management) Assessor; Austrian citizen, Elfriede has acquired extensive experience as systemic consultant and project manager for various institutions in Germany and Austria. She has conducted a number of lectures and published a number of papers. She is fluent in English and German.

Jaroslav Navratil

Economist (M.Sc), specialized in: Project Cycle Management (PCM) and Project Design & Appraisal; Evaluation of technical cooperation projects and programmes; Feasibility Studies; Czech citizen, Jaroslav has gained considerable experience in project design and project and programme evaluation at UNIDO Headquarters and in the field, mainly in Asia and Africa, including formulation of project evaluation guidelines, procedures and tools. Prior to UNIDO experience he worked in regional planning and undertook location studies for industries and power plants for the Czech Republic. He works in English, German and Russian.    

Donatella Magliani

Worked in UN organizations for 32 years in technical cooperation related activities (resource mobilization, external relations, programme development). She was Director of Evaluation at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and Director of Technical Cooperation Coordination and Support at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Since 2012 Donatella is a coach and advisor in human development, self- reflection and eco-therapy (in line with the School of Lost Borders, Big Pines, California). 

André de Crombrugghe

MA in Development Economics, specialized in: Project Design, Management, Evaluation; Promotion of Industrial Partnerships ans Supply Chain Integration; Small Business Development Centers; Awareness Building and Best Practices. Belgian, André is former Vice-President of RIOST and former President of GOAL. Today he is Vice-President of APNU – Association pour les Nations Unies and Deputy Managing Director of GOAL. He is fluent in French, English and Spanish.

Marianne Martin

Over thirty years of work experience with the United Nations. Fields of expertise include technical cooperation related issues, such as programme/jproject development,  integration of women, Human Resources planning and recruitment  and Sexual Exploitation and Abuse policies and strategies for UN peacekeeping operations. Field postings in Pakistan, Cambodia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Ramina Samii

Economist, she is specialized in Project Financing; SME Development; Supply Chain Management. Ramina is an Iranian and Italian citizen, she has gained professional experience with international organizations such as UNIDO, IFAD, FAO and lately with the OPEC Fund for International Development, as well as with academia (INSEAD) and consulting firms (DIAGNOS). She works in English, Italian and partly in French.

Leny van Oyen 

Agricultural Economist (MA) and MBA in Business Sociology, specialized in: Project design, management, monitoring and evaluation; Business Development Services for SMEs; Private Sector Development, and Entrepreneurship Develop. Dutch citizen, born in 1957, she has gained extensive experience in various parts of the world, and particularly in Africa, running projects for UNIDO (13 years), UNDP (5 years), ITC, TFOC, ILO, World Bank and Asian Development Bank. She is fluent in English, French, Dutch and partly in Spanish and German.


These are our main partners. We have a strong interest in establishing long term trust and confidence with other institutions and organizations so that joint innovation can emerge. Should your organization wish to collaborate with the GOAL network, please drop us a line: contact@goalnetwork.net.

Centre for Development Research – BOKU

The Centre for Development Research(CDR) of BOKU Wien is a close partner in several aspects. Based on a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU 2018) that provides a frame for co-lecturing (Facilitating Change for Sustainable Development, Applied Development Research) and joint action research (for example: shared Change Lab services for practitioners) the CDR and GOAL Network  are working together.


GOAL Network has a consultative agreement with United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) since 2004.